Unethical SEO

Unethical SEO
Marketers who may work and do some assessment for Your company, are constantly trying to fool the search engines into giving them a better ranking. Search engines constantly change their ranking formula to increase relevancy and eliminate marketers looking for shortcuts. Some of these techniques will work for a time, but rarely long term. If search engines catch Your site using
these methods they can lower Your site’s rankings, drop Your site’s pages from their index and in  extreme cases, ban Your site’s website. Here are some of the techniques that are not recommended.

Below are the non-recommended SEO techniques (Black Hat SEO) Don’t practice SEO like this!

Cloaking – Each search engine sends out a robot to spider Your website. A cloaker records the IP address of the robot and then feeds the robot a different page than what a regular viewer sees.

Doorway pages –Also known as gateway, doorway, frame pages, or poor man’s cloaking. Your site creates a page with very specific keyword density and submit it with a redirect to  Your site’s regular site. Instead Your site should create microsites with relevant keywords
and good articles to redirect to Your web site. Resubmit Your site every month – Once the site has been listed, it’s useless to resubmit. Repeated submissions can be considered spam and actually reduce your site’s ranking.

Submit to 50,000 search engines for $39.99 a month – 10 search engines account for 99% of all search traffic. With such a submission methodology, Your site will be listed on foreign engines, specialty engines, Free for All lists, any kind of engines, and most likely
Your site’s email address will be sold to email spammers. It’s useless and a waste of money.

Link Farms/ FFA (free-for-all) links –Since link popularity became a factor of success, people have tried to inflate their link numbers. Quality of the link counts more than the quantity. Sites were set up to trade links between sites and the search engines very
quickly penalized sites participating in this activity.


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