Changing Africa through content

This is where it all starts.

By having data about corruption available online we end impunity. We are busy in Kenya to start a project that will help bring change to impunity, and possibly change the political landscape. This project will be implemented with Movable Type www.movabletype.orgThe system will give ultimate flexibility, and followers of the blog can comment and contribute to all the news. We shed light on malpractices of corruption by making it available on the Internet… We will team up with NGO’s and Embassies, and give a platform to vent opinions on the way forward in Kenya. To be continued…

Fighting corruption in Kenya through Content

In Movable Type 5.2, with the added cloud computing environment support in place, we have more flexibility in system development. We can realize the full benefits of the proper management of cost and resources, and create a more stable computing environment.

In addition, the rich text editor used for web pages and blogs has been completely revamped. Having an editor that is much easier to use with more functions makes updating and revising blogs and web sites much easier and faster.


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