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I’ve been seeing a disturbing tendency among atheists to compare religious belief to mental illness. Sometimes this comparison is made explicit, as in this article. Other times, however, the comparison is more implicit–for instance, when words like “crazy” and “delusional” are used to describe religious people or their beliefs (hi Dawkins).

These comparisons are inaccurate and offensive to both religious people and people with mental illnesses.

First of all, being religious is a choice. Being mentally ill is not. While it’s a bit arguable whether or not faith itself is a choice–I certainly can’t make myself believe in god, but perhaps others can–the existence and success of religious proselytism proves that choice is at least part of the equation. Only a completely ignorant person, on the other hand, would attempt to proselytize mental health (although it obviously does happen).

Regardless of whether or not you can choose…

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Server | Ubuntu 12.10

Server | Ubuntu.

Performance and versatility

Fast, secure, deploy-anywhere technology for fast-moving companies

Secure, fast and powerful, Ubuntu helps you make the most of your infrastructure. Whether you want to deploy a web farm or deploy a cloud, Ubuntu Server supports the most popular hardware and software.

Our regular release cycle helps you keep pace with the latest tech developments. And our lean initial install, with thousands of easy-to-find packages, makes it a great solution for simple deployment and management at scale.


A release schedule you can depend on

Stay up-to-date with free and regular updates and upgrades

The Ubuntu Server release schedule fits in with your business needs.

Standard releases every six months help you stay up-to-date with the very latest hardware and software updates.

Long-term support (LTS) releases, supported for five years, are perfect if you’re looking for more stability over a longer period of time.

Make your IT budget go further

No hidden costs, no lock-in

With no licence fees or subscription costs, Ubuntu Server can help you achieve real savings in your data centre. Its streamlined, efficient architecture sees more services delivered with less computing power and fewer resources required.

Choosing Ubuntu Server helps you bring the best that open source can offer to your business – a strategy that’s driving the world’s most successful organisations.

  • No licence fees
  • Free upgrades
  • The latest and greatest applications

Deploy anywhere

Choose from the most popular public clouds

Want the power of Ubuntu Server in the public cloud? Ubuntu Cloud Guest offers all the goodness of Ubuntu Server, specially tailored for public cloud infrastructures.

OSCON 2012: Mark R. Shuttleworth, “Making Magic From Cloud To Client”

We provide more images for the public cloud than anyone else, making sure there are multiple up-to-date flavours of Ubuntu Cloud Guest with no licence restrictions. That means you can always choose the very best software, hardware and services to meet your needs.

UBUNTU LANDSCAPE is one of the reasons to choose Ubuntu. This gives benefits like we know from Redhat Enterprise Server, But Ubuntu also reaches out to managing Desktop Computers.

Why use Landscape for your business?

Benefits for system administrators

Solves the hardest management problems, including building and maintaining software repositories, managing different machine profiles, delegating permissions at a granular level, auditing others actions and accessing asset information in real time.

Integration with common client-side Linux sysadmin tooling so you can see the same information about individual machines as you see in the terminal.

A complete API lets you use established technologies (e.g. Bash, Python) to borrow or build on Landscape’s functionality.

Custom scripts need only be written to allow for the business logic unique to your organisation; common tasks (e.g. repository management) are already covered, so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

You can manage machines remotely from anywhere you can access a web browser.

Receive alerts when updates become available for specific machines, or manage auto-update policies, instructing devices to update during set maintenance windows.

RBAC features for delegating certain activities on specific machines to others – reducing your workload without sacrificing control.

More about working with Landscape on ›

Benefits for IT managers

Automation for repetitive tasks at scale helps ensure uniformity across your IT estate and eliminates the costs associated with rectifying human errors.

By reducing the number of administrators required for basic, day-to-day management, your teams are free to focus on more productive activities that deliver value to your organisation.

Custom reporting makes regulatory compliance significantly less problematic, costly and time-consuming.

Unlike in-house systems that may have grown organically, Landscape scales with your environment, enabling you to manage up to 40,000 machines with a single instance.

Thanks to an extensive, scriptable API, Landscape can be easily integrated with your current configuration management, monitoring and ticketing systems.

Updates and future versions are delivered at no cost, because Landscape is part of the Ubuntu Advantage service subscription.

Landscape can be used to manage desktop, server and cloud deployments, or subsets of those deployments that you define when you subscribe to Ubuntu Advantage.

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Changing Africa through content

This is where it all starts.

By having data about corruption available online we end impunity. We are busy in Kenya to start a project that will help bring change to impunity, and possibly change the political landscape. This project will be implemented with Movable Type www.movabletype.orgThe system will give ultimate flexibility, and followers of the blog can comment and contribute to all the news. We shed light on malpractices of corruption by making it available on the Internet… We will team up with NGO’s and Embassies, and give a platform to vent opinions on the way forward in Kenya. To be continued…

Fighting corruption in Kenya through Content

In Movable Type 5.2, with the added cloud computing environment support in place, we have more flexibility in system development. We can realize the full benefits of the proper management of cost and resources, and create a more stable computing environment.

In addition, the rich text editor used for web pages and blogs has been completely revamped. Having an editor that is much easier to use with more functions makes updating and revising blogs and web sites much easier and faster.

Back on the net

This is a first post… I will be posting more about SEO, Linux Computing, Photography and IT development in Africa.

Your Ubuntu, your way

Enjoy the simplicity of Ubuntu’s stylish, intuitive interface. Fast, secure and with thousands of apps to choose from, Ubuntu gives you a clean and streamlined experience that you can really make your own.

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